8 Advantages of Prefabricated Homes

Building prefabricated housing comes with many advantages. Discover how Lamelli's thoughtfully chosen home building materials, technologies and designs can save you time and money without any compromise on the luxuries of modern day living.

March 22, 2020

Prefab homes are pretty fabulous. The components of prefabricated housing are built in the factory before being shipped to the site for assembly. They are then assembled in record time so homeowners can enjoy the many benefits associated with modular housing technology. 

Here are eight advantages of choosing to build a prefab home:

1. Modern & Elegant

While the prefab homes of the past may have been associated with lower quality, this is certainly not the case today. The modern prefab home boasts attractive exterior finishings, open spaces and ample natural light. 

2. Zero Waste

The construction and demolition industry account for one-quarter of all non-industrial waste in the United States. However, this does not need to be the case. With modern manufacturing techniques, modular home builders have developed superior efficiency with their production methods and are able to accurately assess how much material is actually needed for each project, thereby reducing waste. Lamelli’s homes are assembled like lego bricks using Glulam timber beams. Each beam is precision manufactured, eliminating the need to trim the beams on-site and further minimizing waste.

3. Shorter Construction Time

Prefabricated houses can be constructed in significantly less time than conventional homes. Firstly, the materials needed for a modular home can be manufactured at the same time the foundation is being laid.

4. Energy Efficient

Lamelli’s prefabricated homes maximize energy efficiency through superior insulation, the absence of thermal bridges, an airtight building envelope and heat recovery ventilation systems. Most use LED lighting and maximize sunlight with a passive solar design. Many home builders opt to install solar roofs and siding to make their home even more energy efficient. 

5. Eco-friendly

Prefab homes require fewer materials. Lamelli’s homes are built with just three main materials; aluminum, glass and wood. Wood is a 100% renewable construction material and Lamelli uses engineered Glulam wood beams. The combination of natural building materials, enhanced energy efficiency and sustainable construction methods makes Lamelli homes very eco-friendly.

6. Better For Remote Locations

Getting materials and construction workers to remote locations can be challenging or even impossible in some cases. Prefab homes are a great option for remote areas because they can be assembled in a matter of weeks without the need to hire large numbers of workers.

7. Agile

Lamelli’s phased construction strategy allows home builders to construct their homes in modules. The core of the home is assembled first, allowing owners to move in right away. Other rooms can be added at a later date or years later. This makes Lamelli’s growing homes ideal for young families and budget builders.

8. Affordable

Build a prefab home is generally less expensive than conventional construction. Part of the savings has to do with a reduced need for skilled labor, another factor is the ongoing energy savings over the lifetime of your home, and of course the ability to build in modules makes the upfront cost significantly lower. 

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