Prefab Modular Office Buildings and Home Office Designs

June 2, 2020

Are you looking to add an office to your home design or build an office? There are several options for doing so. Lamelli offers everything from prefab custom homes with built-in offices to prefab backyard offices and stand alone office buildings. Regardless, of whether you are trying to squeeze a home office into a tiny home or build a dedicated office space, Lamelli has the expertise and technologies to create the perfect solution. 

Enjoy all the benefits of building a prefab home when creating your office space: rapid construction, minimal on-site waste, affordability, customization and lower energy bills! Keep reading to learn more about prefab offices and tips for building them. 


There are several important factors you should take into consideration when adding a home office to your living space. These include:

Use: How often will you be using your home office versus other areas of your home? There is no sense in squishing a small desk into a windowless area of the home in the name of preserving a rarely-used guest room. Make your workspace a priority. 

Natural Light: You will likely spend many daytime hours in your home office, so natural light is an important consideration. Make sure your office has plenty of natural light to cut down on eye strain and headaches. At the same time, you likely won’t want direct sunlight or glare.  Lamelli uses artificial intelligence and passive solar design to find the ideal lighting conditions for different rooms throughout your home. 

In addition to being more comfortable, adequate natural light can reduce the need for artificial light and make your home office more eco-friendly. 

Traffic: If you are easily distracted you should avoid placing your office in high traffic areas of your home. If you work from home with small children that you need to monitor throughout the day, you may want to put your office near the other common areas of the home. For others, a detached backyard office might be the optimal solution. 

Available Space: If you are building a tiny home, dedicating an entire room to your office may not be feasible. Fortunately, Lamelli’s tiny homes are spacious and multi-functional. You can fit an office into just about any nook of a Lamelli home. 


Office Buildings

Lamelli’s prefabricated home building technologies, materials and methods can be adapted to build offices of any size. You can start small with just one or two office rooms and add additional office space as your team and business grow. Our energy-efficient technologies and superior insulation will ensure that your energy consumption costs stay low and that you and your staff stay comfortable all year round. Our heat recovery ventilation systems ensure there is a constant flow of fresh air to keep your office from feeling stuffy. Lamelli’s offices and homes can be equipped with solar panels and solar siding to make your work environment ecological and dramatically reduce energy costs in the long run. 

Prefab Backyard Offices

The floor plan for a backyard office is usually quite simple because they are often a single room, though we do offer options for multiple rooms in backyard offices. When designing a backyard office you may want to consider adding a small kitchenette or other basic amenities to avoid making frequent trips to the house, though this may increase the complexity of your project. Regardless of how many rooms or amenities you wish to add to your backyard office, Lamelli is able to customize it’s designs to meet your project requirements and keep costs to a minimum. 

Dedicated Prefab Home Office Space

Any of Lamelli’s prefab home kits can be adapted to include a dedicated office space. You can also design a completely custom home with an office included in the floorplans. It is important not to simply swap in an office in lieu of a bedroom in a given floorplan as they have different uses. Bedrooms are mostly used at night, so the amount of direct sun exposure that they receive during business hours isn’t a major consideration. With an office space, you will want to consider sun exposure, window sizes and daytime views differently than you may with a bedroom. You also will likely want your office to be in closer proximity to common areas and the kitchen than you would a bedroom. Our team of consultants can help you determine the ideal location, orientation and glazing for your custom home office. 

Flexible Home Office Space

If you don’t need a dedicated office space or simply do not have room for one in your home or property, a flexible office space is an ideal. Lamelli’s prefab homes feature multifunctional designs and clever storage solutions that make even the smallest living spaces feel spacious. Add a desk that can be hidden when not in use and make use of portable sliding power tracks to make your workspace blend seamlessly with your living space. Check out our tiny homes gallery for innovative ideas on how to add a home office into your home without creating clutter. 

Ready to build a workspace tailored to your exact needs? Contact us and start today. 

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