The Design Strategy Behind Lamelli’s Prefab Growing Homes

Building a custom home the traditional way can be complex, expensive and time consuming, that’s why Lamelli has brought together the best home building technologies from around the world to create agile prefab homes that can be built quickly and affordably. 

However, we also recognize that it is not always feasible to build the home of your dreams all at once and that even if you do, your needs may change in the future. That’s why Lamelli has developed ‘Growing Homes’ that can evolve alongside their owners. Now, young professionals, families and first-time home buyers can start with the core essentials of their homes and scale them up over time by adding modules. Keep reading to learn more about how our innovative modular building solutions help you build for both today and tomorrow.

Modular Construction

The components of our modular homes are manufactured in a factory-controlled environment and then transported to the building site for assembly. There are several advantages to modular homes over site-built housing:

  • Faster constructions times.
  • Quick and easy installation in both urban areas and remote rural properties.
  • Fewer delays due to extreme weather and temperature changes as most of the work is done in climate controlled manufacturing facilities. 
  • Improved air-sealing and superior quality thanks to precision manufacturing.

Scalable Design

Lamelli combines the benefits of prefabrication with a phased construction strategy to help you create the home of your dreams. There are very few instances where a project’s goals and budget align when building a custom home. Rather than compromising on your design objectives and reducing costs, you can build your home in stages, Lamelli’s Growing Homes allow you to start with the core essentials of your home and then add modules as your needs evolve. This can lower the initial costs of building your own home, shorten construction time and let you move in right away. When the time is right, simply extend your living space by adding modules.

Start off with our XS model, a 400 square foot tiny home that maximizes all available space. Choose from a variety of thoughtfully designed, multi-functional layouts and enjoy panoramic views with floor to ceiling windows. Our XS model can easily be scaled up through a series of modules into our M model, an 1100 square foot home that is perfect for young families. If you still want more space, you can continue to expand your modern prefab home until you have built the home of your dreams. 

Adaptable and Flexible

Rooms can easily be added to accommodate your growing family. Living spaces and layouts can be altered at any time by repositioning or removing interior walls. Our home building technology does not require support beams and rigid concrete walls, therefore interior walls can easily be removed and reused. 

Lamelli’s energy efficient technologies make renovations and adding modules easy. Heat recovery ventilations systems, radiant heated floors, plumbing and electricity are all managed from a centralized location within the core of the home. Heated floors, plumbing and wiring are easy to install in new modules, making the process simple and inexpensive.

Design Value and ROI

A well-constructed Lamelli home will stand long enough to have many families come and go across its lifetime and not all of them will have the same needs. The flexibility of Lamelli’s growing homes are an asset for selling your home later on as the design can easily be changed or added to. 

With the right design and materials, you will not find yourself compromising on the cost, quality and feeling of satisfaction you will have when you finally move into your finished home. No matter where life takes you, a Lamelli home adapts and grows with you.

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