5 Ways a Roof Can Make or Break Your Home

Appropriate insulation can mitigate heat loss (or gain), while also eliminating the uncomfortable effects of unwanted radiant energy from warm surfaces in summer or cold surfaces in winter.

5 Ways a Roof Can Make or Break Your Home

Roofs are essential to every home and while every building has one, they are not created equal. Roofs perform multiple functions, the main one being to provide protection to the interior and exterior of the structure.

While traditional roofs may seem simple and unimpressive, that is not the case for the modern roof and most certainly not the case with innovative, prefabricated house building technologies.

1. A Great Roof Is Essential for a Beautiful Home

A great roof adds to the aesthetic value of your home in addition to protecting it. Whether you are looking to build a home with a traditional gable roof or a modern flat roof, Lamelli's agile home building technologies will allow you to construct your roof in whatever shape you desire. We offer roofing in a variety of colors and shapes so you can choose the option that truly speaks to your tastes and preferences.

2. Weatherproof roofing - 100% rainproof!

The roof acts as the first line of defense for a home, performing like an umbrella against rainwater and extreme weather events. It is also the most at risk of damage when exposed to high winds, as they can damage or remove the shingles. Lamelli has designed roofs that are 100% rainproof and wind resistant by overlapping roof tiles and using durable materials.

3. Added Insulation Value

When it comes to an airtight facade, roofing insulation doesn't get the focus it should. Heat rises and is often lost through the roof. It is also the area of the home that gets the most sun exposure, which can result in heat transfer on hot summer days. Lamelli's energy efficient roof construction eliminates thermal bridges in roof structures, creating a continuous thermal boundary. Hyper insulated panels can be used in ceilings to dramatically improve your home's R-value, cut heating and cooling costs and keep your home comfortable year round. Eliminate the need for a vapour barrier and ensure your roof lives up to it's essential role in your building envelope. Learn more about our energy efficient home technologies

4. Superior Ventilation

Air typically enters and exits ventilation systems via the roof of the home. Roofs with poor ventilation can create condensation and heat build up. Lamelli uses heat recovery ventilation systems that act as the lungs of each home, taking in fresh air and expelling old, stale air. HRV's are seamlessly integrated into Lamelli's roofs.

5. Optimize Enjoyable Outdoor Space

As yards shrink and interiors become increasingly compact, it is becoming more and more challenging to find space to connect with the outdoors in your own living space. Reclaim outdoor space with a rooftop deck. Lamelli has lots of designs for rooftop decks ranging from enclosed decks to rooftop gardens and pergolas.

The roof is a design element of your home, not just a necessity. Ready to discover how Lamelli's prefabricated home building technologies can make your roof one of your homes best assets? Get in touch.

Looking to further optimize the energy efficiency of your roof? Lamelli offers solar roofing.

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