Will a Prefab Home Last As Long As a Regular Home?

October 29, 2020

One of the most common questions people ask about prefab homes is how long they last. After all, everyone wants their home to stand the test of time. It is hard to put a fixed lifespan on a prefab home as there are many variables that determine how long they last.

In general, well-built prefab homes use many of the same construction methods as conventional structures and can last up to 35 years. However, with innovative construction methods you can build a home that will last over 100 years!

Lamelli goes beyond best practices to create modular homes with unparalleled longevity. Construction strategies of the past relied on making everything bigger, thicker and heavier in order to last. The result is a structure that is more difficult to repair, maintain and remodel. By combining premium building materials, prefab manufacturing and modular construction techniques we are able to offer a much more elegant solution. Our homes are built to last and are much less expensive to own due to their agile design, energy efficient technologies and easy maintenance.

Here are 6 factors that make Lamelli’s home construction rival that of conventional homes:

Quality Materials

The lifespan of a modular home depends on the quality of the materials used in its construction. The higher the quality of the materials, the longer the home will last. This is why Lamelli uses premium quality materials in each home to extend it’s lifespan. Manufacturing each component in a factory allows for greater quality control than onsite construction. Each component goes through quality checks and is attended to by a skilled professional, eliminating factors that can compromise quality such as variations in the skill of onsite labourers and exposure to outdoor elements. 


In conventional homes, the first major repairs are part of the infrastructure. This includes heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electricity. These components are usually spread throughout the house, making it challenging to do repairs without tearing up walls and floors to access problem areas. This makes repairs more expensive and time consuming and often results in homeowners delaying them until the systems ultimately break down and need to be completely replaced.

In a Lamelli home, all of the infrastructure is controlled from a centralized location within the home. This design makes it easy for professionals to perform repairs and replace components. Problems can be diagnosed and repaired quickly with minimal effort.

Ability to Withstand Elements

The envelope of a home protects the exterior elements such as roofing and waterproofing. In conventional homes, the envelope is the area most prone to leaking because each joint and curve is usually a place where water can get in, causing damage.

While there is a misconception that modular homes are not capable of withstanding challenging weather conditions, this could not be further from the truth. Having materials manufactured in a factory and assembled on site minimizes their exposure to wind, water and heat during construction. This results in homes with greater structural integrity from the start. 

Lamelli’s exteriors do not have high stress areas that can buckle or warp with exposure to the elements. This prevents leaks and the repairs that come with them. Glulam offers superior fire resistance, hyper insulated panels give our homes a R-value of 40+ and our designs can be adapted to achieve high wind resistance in hurricane zones.


A good home structure is sound, stable and simple. In a Lamelli home, the structure focuses on essentials. Each home is made with Glulam timber, an engineered wood that offers superior stability and flexibility. 

Our homes are designed to be top-light and bottom heavy, the opposite of traditional construction. This gives Lamelli homes superior dimensional stability.

Modular Construction

Most prefabricated houses are assembled in a factory and then transported via a truck to the final destination. This outdated method makes the truckload large and limits the final size of your home to the sizes of the roads and highways it will be near. 

Lamelli’s homes offer all the benefits of manufacturing components off-site without placing limits on the design. Components are precision manufactured, shipped to the building site and assembled using a modular construction strategy. Say goodbye to the boxy prefab homes of the past and low rooflines. Enjoy design freedom with high ceilings, open concept floor plans and two storeys. 

Growing Homes

Not only are our homes designed to last a lifetime, they evolve as your needs change over time. We call them ‘Growing Homes’ because they can be modified and extended as your family grows or you simply want more space. Interior walls can be removed, added or reused at any time without incurring expensive renovation costs. Add modules to extend your living room or kitchen or build extra bedrooms. Learn more about our growing homes here

Modular prefab homes have many benefits that are making them more appealing to buyers with each passing year. The price, quality, energy efficiency, speed of construction and durability of our homes makes them a great choice for anyone looking to build a custom home. 

With Lamelli, your home is built to last a lifetime. How you design that home and enjoy it is up to you. Contact us today to get started.

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