10 Ways a Lamelli Prefab Home Will Exceed Your Expectations

The prefabricated homes of the past have had a very boxy, mail-order look to them. Nowadays, prefab home building, technologies and customizations have gone far beyond those of their predecessors, though they vary greatly from company to company. At Lamelli, we have brought together the best materials, construction techniques and advanced technologies into a single solution.

The concept behind a prefabricated home remains simple: the components are manufactured in a facility prior to being transported and assembled onsite. The perception of prefab housing solutions remains a practical one as they are versatile and inexpensive. However, the prefab homes on the market today are also luxurious, intelligently designed and often go above and beyond in terms of performance and design. 

Here are ways the modern Lamelli prefab home will exceed your expectations:

  1. Spacious: While homeowners may assume that prefab homes are smaller, they are by no means limited in size. While prefab tiny homes are a popular option, our prefab modules can be combined to create a home of any size from a starter family home to expansive property with four bedrooms and large common areas.  We can even accommodate stunning, high ceilings of up to 24 feet!

  1. Luxurious: Practicality does not have to mean a compromise on the luxuries of modern day living. Lamelli’s homes are built with materials that are both beautiful and durable that come in a variety of finishes. We are experts at creating dynamic, multi-functional living spaces that maximize space, comfort and efficiency. Even if you plan on building a small home, we can customize it to your unique tastes, aesthetics and needs. 

  1. Customization: Modern prefab homes should never look cookie cutter style or ‘out of the box’. Lamelli homes are never limited to someone else’s idea of what your home should look like. We offer a wide range of customization options and work alongside our buyers to create the ultimate solution. We provide you with a durable structure, airtight building envelope and centralized infrastructure, the interior design is entirely up to you. If we do not have everything you’re looking for, our designs and materials can be combined with other home building materials so you can achieve your vision. 

  1. Affordable: While it is understood that prefab construction tends to be more cost effective than traditional home building methods, Lamelli takes that a step further. The average cost of constructing a Lamelli home is 50% lower than a comparable non-prefab home. Our agile design strategy also lets you build the home of your dreams in stages so you can build the core of your home and move in right away, then add modules later as your budget allows.

  1. A Home That Grows With You: Your needs evolve over time and so should your living space. Rather than having to move to a new home or undertake an expensive renovation every time your needs change, your home can grow and adapt. Lamelli’s ‘Growing Homes’ feature agile designs that allow you to add modules as your family grows or you simply want more living space. Interior components such as walls can be adjusted or removed to inexpensively and easily adapt your space.

  1. Flexibility: The level of prefabrication varies from company to company. Buying a home that is already assembled puts limits on where and how big you can build. Instead, Lamelli’s homes are assembled on-site using a post and beam connection system. This allows for compact transport of building materials and allows you to build just about anywhere from high up in the mountains to remote coastal regions. 

  1. Easy Maintenance: A prefab home makes ownership much easier. Maintaining a home is both an adventure and a challenge. With conventional homes, it can seem as though there is always something that needs to be fixed and by the time these issues are brought to your attention, they have become problematic and expensive. In a Lamelli home, plumbing, temperature control and electrical systems are all managed from a central location within the home, making it easy for experts to diagnose issues and perform repairs before they have the opportunity to turn into bigger, more costly problems.

  1. Longevity: When you build a home, you want to build it to last. Any home you build should stand as a testament to your hard work and give you return-on-investment over time. Prefab homes can last longer than conventional ones. With current construction methods and standard, the average home only lasts about thirty years before things begin to disintegrate. However, many homes in the United States have not been built to modern day standards. Lamelli’s homes are designed to last far beyond 30 years, thanks to cutting edge construction methods, materials such as engineered Glulam timber and aluminum and technologies that prevent hazardous damage. 

  1. Durability: Our homes are built using glue-laminated, or Glulam, an engineered wood that outperforms regular timber in terms of strength, dimensional stability and fire resistance. For those buildings in regions prone to forest fires, it is important to choose your building materials wisely and Glulam chars slowly and predictably, making it a smart choice. Our construction methods and hyper insulated panels create an airtight facade that is not prone to leaking while our technologies minimize the risk of damage to your home.

  1. Energy Efficiency: Lamelli uses artificial intelligence to prioritize comfort and efficiency through the use of passive solar design. We evaluate the orientation of your home and sun exposure to truly maximize energy efficiency and rely on heating and cooling systems as little as possible. This thoughtful planning is combined with an airtight facade, heat recovery ventilation systems and radiant heated floors work together to ensure thermal comfort and fresh air all year long. Lamelli homes keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all while decreasing the wear and tear on heating and cooling systems because of superior insulation. The result is a reduced ecological footprint and lower energy bills.

These are just ten of the ways Lamelli delivers high performance homes that surpass your expectations. We use agile designs and future focused technologies to provide you with a home that adapts and grows to meet your needs both today and tomorrow. 

Contact us today to get started on the home of your dreams today!

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