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Have you dreamed of having a getaway or home close to the city but disconnected from the busy, noisy world ? Why not create your own slice of paradise and enjoy the benefits of living a relaxing, green lifestyle? Building a waterfront property near Vancouver is out of reach for most of us because of the expense - until now.

Through the power of co-investing Lamelli will buy land and let the water in so that every house is on the waterfront. Green Valley will be a net zero community just outside of Vancouver where you can realize your dreams alongside like-minded people.

Green Valley is an investment in your future that you can secure today. 

Small land lots are more expensive and waterfront property is ridiculously priced!

We aim to acquire undeveloped land at a target price of $30,000 per acre near a body of water and close to major roads. 
After acquisition, we will bring the water in so that every home is on the waterfront. The result? A perfect home in the perfect location at a fraction of the cost. The value of your investment will go up by 5x or more - instantly!

Lamelli has a team of experts who have already implemented similar projects in Europe. Our vision is to develop the land and homes with community and sustainability as core values.



After extensive research into land sizes and prices, we are planning to accept 50  to 75 qualified partners/investors.

To get qualified:

  • Make a fully refundable deposit of $500 ( just to confirm that you are serious)
  • Sign non-disclosure agreement and confirm that you are a qualified investor
    *DISCLAIMER: Not Everyone Will Be Accepted.*

Candidates will be accepted based on a common vision of community lifestyle and working together to create shared guidelines for the development of Green Valley.

Following qualification process, we will conduct a members meeting to present land options and, at that time, you will make a first instalment payment of $25,000, which would be held in escrow until our offer on the land has been accepted.

Green Valley is the community for eco conscious people who may work remotely and want to enjoy the outdoors.

Members will have private residencies while having sharing amenities that allow residents to have more, while spending less. Some of the sustainable lifestyle features we envision could include: a community house built with locally harvested materials, sauna/hot tub bath house, solar microgrid, geo tech heating and cooling, an electric car co-op, breathtaking landscaping and shared greenhouses and gardens.

Build a Custom Prefab Home and Live in Harmony with Nature

  • Get updates about our land acquisition targets
  • Provide input on your favourite areas
  • Secure your spot
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Become an investor and make a refundable deposit.



Group buy a piece of land and choose your spot.



Select your custom home and we will build it!


There are lots of ways to become a part of Green Valley! We are interested in partnerships with:

Do you own a beautiful piece of land near a body of water that would be perfect for Green Valley?

Increase the value of your land by developing Green Valley with Lamelli. Become an investor by having Green Valley built on your land and building your own custom home to enjoy forever.


Inviting Innovation to Green Valley

We are looking to partner with like-minded companies for appliances in custom homes, finishings, furnishings, landscaping, infrastructure and more. 

If you are a green company that is aligned with our vision and are interested in working with us to bring Green Valley to life please contact us to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. 


Participation in Green Government Projects & Incentives

The ambitions of Lamelli's Green Valley are shared by the Canadian government at the federal, provincial and municipal level.

The City of Vancouver plans on becoming the greenest city by 2030. As an emission-free, eco community, Green Valley echoes the targets of the City of Vancouver and will serve as a shining example of the future of living in harmony with nature.


Gain Positive Brand Exposure

Green Valley presents an excellent opportunity for organizations to create a highly visible alignment with green development and innovation and gain brand exposure as a sponsor of Vancouver's premiere eco community.

There are lots opportunities for involvement and we will work with you to customize a package to meet your specific needs and goals.



We have the vision and team to make Green Valley a success! With the support of our investors and business partners we are proud to bring Green Valley to Vancouver.

Our innovative technologies allow us to build where others cannot with fewer materials and less on site labour. Now want to offer these opportunities and savings  to you.